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car rental zooms : Don't get nicked by rental car damages

car rental zooms : We recently rented a car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car on Long Iceland MacArthur Airport in Islip, NY When we return to the rental car, we pointed out some scratches and nicks to a representative. They assured us we had nothing to fear.

We drove the rental car to our son's house in East Hampton and parked it in his driveway and not use again until we return to the airport. We do not even have a full tank of gas, although we are in advance of this.

If we return the rental car, another company employee to the nicks and scratches, and claimed we were responsible for them. The representative we had originally discussed, if we then the rental car was not available.

Two weeks later we received a bill for $ 319 to cover the costs of repair and a note that the Enterprise staff we had the rental car not remember me pointed out the damage. We do not know what to do. Can you please help? - Paula Robbins, Boca Raton, Fla.

If someone tells you not to worry, you should worry.

This is especially the case if you rent a car. Other companies are using their vehicles again a thorough once over and slapping customers with repair and loss-of-use charges, even if the evidence that the tenant has been cumbersome at best.

I will keep you on the details of a second. But first I must tell you how you could have avoided this mess. Normally you have two options for a lease. The first is when you hand the keys, at which point you can about the car and check that students and buildings. The second is if you go through the review of security at the exit, and an agent will examine your rental agreement and ID.

So, if the first broker says: "Do not worry," and rejects it at first, that small form, where you observe any damage to the car, that's fine. Ask the man at the gate to note the damage. Another tip: Take your pic of your car structures with a digital camera or camera phone. Make sure that they are consistent with a time stamp so that you can show the pic for your rental car structures.

Doing, and there is no way, your car rental, you can stick with an invoice. Provided, of course, that you return the vehicle in the same condition you have.

All this brings me to your case. I have worked with companies, and I have some good and some bad news. The bad news is that you're not for each nickname. But there were a few scratches - "serious scratches" on an almost new vehicle, as a representative of the company described. "But probably what is their view on the return check-in was that the bumper divorced," she added in an e-mail containing several photos of the damaged rental car.

Someone of companies should have taken the time to scratch with you and explain that a repair bill. Based on your account, it sounds as if it was a lot of finger-point but no clear idea about your part of the damage recovery process.

Car rental companies have a well-deserved reputation for its clients with surprising bills they do not deserve. But in this case, the only error, I can conclude with Enterprise is that it is left confused about how to go about paying for a car that seems to have been damaged while you rented it. The good news is the company's $ 319 repair bill. - car rental zooms