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New York driver crashes rental car

A driver from Long Island, New York, convicted of driving while intoxicated rented a car from Enterprise car rental in order to bypass the court-mandated breath-test device installed in his own car.After crashing the rental car while driving under the influence, the driver is hospitalized in critical condition as the Stony Brook University Medical Center, on Long Island, according to an Associated Press report.

Police in Suffolk County reported that 27-year-old Marvin Rice Jr., from Shirley, New York, rented a car so that he could avoid using the court-mandated breath analyzer that had been installed in his own vehicle, after being convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol in 2005.

Rice crashed into a telephone pole in Brentwood, New York, on Crooked Hill Road early on Sunday morning, wrecking the rental vehicle, according to a police spokesperson.

He rented a Volkswagen Jetta from Enterprise Rent-A-Car that was not equipped with the alcohol-detection device. Such as device does not permit the ignition of a car to be unlocked if alcohol is detected in the driver’s breath analysis. Rice’s arraignment is set for April 13 in Central Islip for the current charges of driving while intoxicated.